I am selling my Zaurus SL-5600 !! :-(
It is in brand-new condition ... in fact, I only used it about 7 hours, to listen to an e-book.
I paid $400 for the unit, not including any of the following accessories:
-- 1 x AC Power Cord (for US outlets)
-- 1 x Travel 12V Charger (car)
-- 2 x Travel AC Chargers
I am selling the above Zaurus SL-5600, plus all accessories, for $300 (plus shipping).

If anyone is interested, please send a note to jstodaro@yahoo.com, and we can take it from there. If I don't hear from anyone within the next week, I will try to sell this on ebay.

By the way, the only reason I am selling the above Zaurus SL-5600 is because I can't waste anymore time, waiting for the release of NotesSync V2, which was supposed to happen about 7 months ago, according to the announcement posted on the "NotesSync News" home page last August. I need a new PDA as soon as possible, one that I can use for syncing with my Corporate Notes R6 Calendar, Todo, Address Book, and hopefully the Journal.

Joe Todaro sad.gif