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Full Version: QTopia GNUboy troubles :(
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have recently installed the newest ver of Qtopia GNUboy on my 5600, and it finally werks! well, sorta.... the A button does not work for some reason, it is mapped to my address book button.. in order for it to work, i have to hold the menu button and then press the address button!?! i cant play games like that! can someone plz help? is there a way i can configure the buttons different? (i've already tried remapping the buttons.
i'm using sharp rom 1.2.1, and also, would i be able to do the rom upgrade from that version? thnx in advance! anyone been able to get this werking on their 5600?
sad.gif It is VERY bad form to spam your troubles across multiple threads - was there any need to write this 4 times? - twice in the same forum!?


I don't think there is a way to map the buttons. I had the same problem with gnuboy on my 5600.
what about messing with the .rc files? anyone know how i can go about doin that?
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