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Full Version: New Zaurus user. new to Linux completely...terminal question
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I have been trying to figure the terminal out, I have OS X. I play with it a little but again don't really know what i'm doing. At least for the Zaurus, does anyone know any basic commands, any settings that are required? Like no spaces or something like web addresses? I'm doing my best here learning more and more each day, but it would be appreciated if someone could shed some light. I have .tar files, I don't know how to untar them, or even if im suppose to untar them. Question is an ipk file like an auto-run installation package?

thanks in advance.

TJ :wink:
I would strongly recommend getting a couple books to get the info your looking for.
A couple of my favorites are "Linux in a Nutshell" or "Running Linux" both are put out by O'Reilly.
For "some" linux information look at! There you'll find Howtos smile.gif

For some very basic information:
(Sorry if you're not THAT new to linux):
cd - go to a directory (.. = parent directory ; . = current directory)
ls - list files (content of directories etc)
mv - move files (mv FILE1 FILE2 = move file1 to file2)
cp - same as mv, but file1 isn't deleted
rm - remove file(s)

for most commands you can add the "--help" parameter, it shows you the program-help. example: mv --help

grusz, jabbath
My all time favorite linux newbie resource is rute

Not all of it applies directly to the zaurus, but if you read all this and set up a linux machine yourself, then using the Z will be a piece of cake

thanks everyone for the info going to try it all smile.gif

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