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Full Version: guitar tuneing
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Are there any good guitar tuneing apps for the Z?
how did you get all that on one zaurus !?
I moded derekp's dual boot setup and got a relley big sd card. Right now I have sharps 3.13 rom with qtopia 1.6 flashd (havent had any problume even through I deleted sharps version of qt :wink: ) oz 3.3.5 and oz 3.3.6 and tkc 1.0 all running off of a sd card. And then I trow in a boot mgr. Havent had that meny problumes other then a oclusey lock up on suspend. But that might be do to the fact that I am running ext3 on everything. As for the sd cards sory about that I gusess thats a little misleading. I can only use one cf and one sd card.


P.S. Sorry about the spelling.
There is one that my friend found for his 5500, I will ask him tommorow unless someone posts it here first.

Powerchord, I think this was it.
Tried the link for PowerChord but get error message that it's no longer available.... :?

PowerChord is now included in the Opie cvs. Unfortunately, the guitar tuner has never been completed by the author. It shouldn't be complicated to add a simple FFT and finish that though. Any volunteers?
I still have the ipk in an archive, if anyone wants it, pm me with an address to send it to. I've never tested it as a friend downloaded it for his 5500 from my PC.
I've tried installing qMusician but no luck. the ipk isn't working, and then i converted it from a .deb to an .ipk and it installed but the program won't run. any help?
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