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Full Version: Newb Question on ROMs - Cacko vs pdaX
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OK, I've read the good things being said about the new Cacko ROM, so it seems to be the ROM I would choose to flash to make a new C860 into an English version, BUT, where does pdaX fit in?

Is the Cacko ROM and pdaX two totally different ROM's, so I either have to choose one or the other?

Both are written by the Cacko team though, isn't it? Is the only difference that the one uses QT and the other X for the GUI?

pdaX sounds better to get "normal" Linux apps cross-compiled than the Cacko ROM - this could prove to be a difficult decision choosing between the ROMs!

Any help clarifying this will be grately appreciated!

You are correct in your assumption. The Cacko rom is Qtopia based, while pdaX is as the name suggests running X as the GUI (they use matchbox by default but there is nothing stopping you using any small window manager).

By "normal" linux apps, I assume that you mean X based apps, you can run console based apps from a terminal, If you want to use QT and X then I suggest looking at X/Qt - it allows you to run X apps while in Qtopia.

Basically you have to choose between pdaX or Cacko, but there are some people working on dual-booting from SD.

Hi Stubear

Thanks for the feedback!

OK, now for the big question, which one is the better option? I would be using a CF Bluetooth card(most probably Socket), so maybe one is more stable than the other?

Is X/Qt an application that can be installed under Cacko?

Sorry for the newbie questions and thanks again for the help! biggrin.gif
Yep X/Qt can be installed under Cacko

here is the link [urk][/url]

Sorry can't help you with Bluetooth - never used it - it's still quite new concept here in Japan (along with WiFi)

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