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Full Version: How to use terminal to access files
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I have recently recieve a Zaurus SL-C760 as a gift and I've been trying to understand the bizarre command system in the "terminal" application. I simply want to know what command is what (i.e.- what do I type in when I want to access a file on the CF card, and what do those, if any, commands mean?). I have had great difficulty finding anything regarding shell functions or a table that shows the definition and purpose of each command and examples of proper syntax. I have tried many suggestions, but without success. (I ALWAYS get the annoying error message regarding nonexistent files and directories (even the suggestions displayed after the "ipkg --help" commant do not work at all).
Any help or accurate working referances will be greatly appreciated!
Here is a pdf file quick reference for Linux Bash Shell Commands:

And here is a pdf file I find most useful regarding Linux system administration:

Don't fear the penguin!
P.S. The SD card is mounted under /mnt/card
and the CF card under /mnt/cf

cd /mnt/card
ls (to bring up a listing of the files)

Most likely they'll be in sub directories, like Documents/image/jpeg Documents/audio/mpeg Documents/Application/ipkg etc.

Learn these directory settings, and read up on Qt at

Any file on your SD card should show up on your documents tab....if you just single click it an appropriate app will open it.

If you want and "explorer-like" file manager, download and install explorer_1.0_arm.ipk from the Zaurus Feed.

Thanks! Ill give these a try!
btw.. the "bizarre" commands are commands under "linux" ...

perhaps research linux commands, etc.

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