this is an excerpt from the interview regardng future Zuaurus line from Sharp...

PF: Was Zaurus a success? Did it sell well? Do you think there is there really a future with Linux on the PDA?

EE: Yes, I think definitely there is a big future for Linux on the PDA? Did it sell well? We are not allowed to go out with Sharp's numbers unfortunately. I think it is selling well in some markets. It was a very good first-time project. It was the first large conceiver brand that embraced Linux in this way and I think we are going to see Sharp coming up with new generations, which are going to become better and better. I know that in the enterprise market they are doing very well. So in general: Yes, it has been a success. It has been a very very important direction for Trolltech, for the Qtopia-product and make Qtopia known in a lot more circles.


Plus more answers on "Cute" (QT) and licensing issues from Eirik Eng, the president of Trolltech.

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