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Full Version: Help the n00b - I can't install packages.
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Hi all, I just recently recieved a C700 as a gift. It came with a power supply and nothing else. I've managed to switch the language to English, but it's a really old setup. The ROM says it's version 1.00 JP.

I can't install any packages! I downloaded a bunch of .ipk files from and put them on a CF card. When I put the card in my Zaurus they show up as package icons - I click on them and the package installer says it's looking for packages, but then comes up with an empy list.

Am I doing something wrong? Is my system just too out of date? Any advice would be much appreciated!
The packages probably require qpe or opie libs. I'd upgrade that first then try the packages again.
Where did you put them? the graphic installer only looks in 3 places for ipks, Documents/Install_Files in /home/zaurus (main memory), /mnt/cf/Documents/Install_Files/ and /mnt/card/Documents/Install_Files

Move the ipks to one of these folders and the installer will find them. If it still doesn't find them then you have downloaded ipks for OpenZaurus which unfortunately use a different format but the same name. Sharp's ipks are gzip tarballs while OZ ipks are ar compressed. If you read the FAQ or search for a while here you'll find out how to convert them

I found the following references in the Software section of the FAQ:
[list]Why do some packages not appear in the list when I try to install software?
How do I tell if a package is for the Sharp ROMs or OPIE based ROMs?
Can I install OPIE apps on the Sharp ROM?
[list], but they don't seem to be bz2, gzip, or zip compressed, either. For example, here are two I'm tryng to use:
[list]libSDL (
opie-reader (
[list]I'll keep poking around to figure out how to extract the files out of them, but if someone wants to offer a hint, I'd be grateful.
ar -x package.ipk
Where did I say the OPIE packages are compressed 'ar' files? OPIE packages are 'ar' files. The commands to extract them are all there in the FAQs. There is only two formats of ipk. Anything else is just plain wrong.

The Linux tool 'file' (should be in most Desktop distros) is also a good way of finding out what type of file something is:

file package.ipk

The packages could also simply be corrupt.
Ok, gosh durn it!

1) I put the dang files in /mnt/card/Documents/Install_Files
2) The installer finds nothing
3) I goto the terminal and try to gunzip them, and get an error - "not a gzip file"
4) I double check on my Mac than indeed it won't ungzip
5) Niether my Zaurus or my Mac has ar installed, so I can't confirm that these are indeed Opie packages...

Question - can anybody point me to a totally safe ipk that would install on an ancient SHARP ROM?

Alternatively - can anybody confirm that the latest Sharp ROM I can install on my C700 is 2.12 and that I shoudl try that before mucking about any further?

Thanks again!
Hooray! I got it to work!

I just updated my ROM to the latest Cacko and everything installes no prob...

Man... this is a pretty sweet device now! :-)
Sorry about that... My problem did turn out to be corrupted downloads.
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