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Where do I get RCS or a much simpler revision control system for the Zaurus? I did a search for "RCS" on the forums search, and only found 2 references that I made to it in the past and an apparently unrelated "rcS" reference.

When I search for RCS on the zaurus software index, I get the following link:

Of course, link broken!
is a broken link, so I tried

Maybe I'm missing something, but when I look at the second link, I don't see a reference to RCS. Therefore, I thought it might just be a part of the ZGCC package. I clicked on the link that said: "ZGCC GNU Compiler Suite Release 2.02 -- Get This One! Compile C, C++ and Qt GUI applications onboard: Description, requirements and installation instructions -- now with Qt/E, alias Qtopia, programming support." Then, I did a search for RCS in that document. The only direct reference is: "To Do: There will always be glitches to fix and utilities to add -- find my revision control system (RCS) elsewhere," Elsewhere? Where?

Maybe I should just email Dr. Jeffrey R. Fox instead of bothering everyone else?

Still, I don't really need anything complex right now. Almost 1 megabyte of source code for RCS seems a little heavy for what I need. I could just use something that makes it possible to make many different changes to same document by the same developer on the Zaurus, while saving all of those revisions without wasting a ton of memory. Maybe I can just make some quick modifications to PyPE or something, since I'm trying to develop in Python. Mabye PyPE has a built-in feature that could help me.

OK, what has worked for people for doing onboard development and not wasting a ton of space on different revisions? Is it just me who can't find RCS?

Clint Reese
Z-SL-5600, default Sharp ROM
Take a look at this


Thanks! I really need to learn how to use that mirror-site thing. smile.gif

Anyway, the topic now exists for discussions about onboard revision conrol system development under linux on the Z. smile.gif

Clint Reese
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