Hi All - another newbie with a question!

While working on getting smbmount to work, I followed instructions on a site and downloaded and installed embeddedkonsole-tabs, libncurses 5 and smbmount 0.1

smbmount will not work, but I think I will be able to get it working... my question is the cool 'konsole' terminal that was in my applications tab was replaced with one that says 'terminal' with a question mark icon. It is not as good as the one that was there when I installed Cacko 1.21

How do I get it back? I tried uninstalling embeddedkonsole, but then I have no terminal application.

As a side note, when I run smbmount, aside from the other error messages I get, they always start with

unrecognized character set 866
unrecognized character set 866

Any thoughts?