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Full Version: New App #4: d20 Dice
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Hi...I've tried other versions of a dice roller program and decided to write my own. This one doesn't require the keyboard like the java dice program to enter the number of dice. It uses spin boxes, radio boxes, and you can just click an image of the type of die you'd like to roll and see the result in the results window. For you gamers out there I'm sure you'll appreciate the way this program works. Cheers.

P.S. offroadgeek, please add this app to the zaurus feed. Thanks.

zD20 Dice Home:
zLapSpeed ipk:
P.S. offroadgeek, please add this app to the zaurus feed.  Thanks.

Nice, but it's really small on the C760 , okay if I keep it enlarged mode, but I'd like to se more of the history.

Yes I was a bit disappointed in how little I could get to display on the 5500. But I want the dice buttons big enough to use a finger rather than the stylus. Only 4 of the last lines show on my screen. I'm not too savy with the QTextView widget, so maybe there is a better way to do it. I don't have a C760, so I can't test it on that, but if you send me a screen shot, I can look into trying to accomodate the larger screen with the "resize" options on the QTextView widget. Right now it is set to "manual" the other options are "AutoOne" and "AutoOneFit", not quite sure what that means at present...can you resize the results window manually? Send it to, and any other feedback from the community of Zaurus folks who play D20 games would be appreciated. Cheers...
It sounds like you want to look at layouts like QVBoxLayout and QHBoxLayout and spacers and the sizePolicy properties on widgets that make them autosize in layouts. QT Designer lets you create layouts fairly easily.
Right. Need to do more research on that, but it looks good on the 5xxx series. ;> All I know at this point is that it works a whole lot better than that Java Dice ipk I downloaded. I can just click the dice with my finger. When running on x86 I just compile the app for x86 and run /opt/Qtopia/bin/qvfb & then ./appname -qws and it displays in a PDA sized 240x320 window. I think I can configure it for any size, but maybe someone can tell me what sizes I should test the app in? What is the size of the C7xxx screen, C6xxx screen, etc?
SL-Cxxx Zs and the SL-6000 all have a 640x480 screen. QT Designer also has a preview function that lets you resize a form to see how the layouts work.

I like your app a lot better than the Java version BTW smile.gif
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