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Full Version: Warning About The Webstore
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I'd like to warn you about the following webstore and that used Zaurus SL-C750 they're selling:

It sounds tempting at a price of 21.48 euros / 23.10 $, with free shipping, the unit seems to be in working state and with no clearly visible defects. The website is however filled with text in broken English, plus there's not a single website mentioning it, let alone recommending it. I thought I'd give it a try, it won't bother me much to lose that amount of money, plus I setup a virtual, disposable debit card with a credit limit of the same amount, to avoid being charged more than the sale price. When trying to check out, an error has appeared, indicating that my bank has blocked the transaction and returned 'Intercepted by risk control department'. Needless to say, I'll avoid that store in the future, and I recommend you do the same.

Good thing that your bank blocked it because there is no way that that shop had that exact unit for sale. Those pictures are lifted from an eBay auction that ended on May 2. The pictures looked familiar so I looked up the completed auction and sure enough the serial number is an exact match. Thanks for the warning.
Thanks for checking it, so that definitively confirms that the site is a scam. I have in the meanwhile blocked my virtual debit card, so they can't charge me anything. I hope that this thread will be soon indexed by Google and will be helpful for other people too.

From the website: "Free shipping worldwide", "no sale tax" and describes itself as a "leading international online fashion store"; also Google for "xiudq" or "xiudqstore" reveals no hits whatsoever.

whois shows it's registered to a guy in Douglas, GA, USA.
nice detective work there.
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