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Full Version: Pyra's are Alive!
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Pyra's are taking shape.....


"Hellolo" ArchiMark and thanks for sharing biggrin.gif
BTW is there any release date set?

You are most welcome, Varti!

No specific date as ED wants to avoid situation that occurred with the Pandora.

However, he does post frequent updates so that everyone knows what is going on.

If I had to guess, I'd say 2 - 3 months.



PS. Meanwhile, GPD Pocket's are starting to ship....however, mine will probably take a few more weeks as my order number is about 9800......
it looks as if the Pyra is nearly ready to ship but they have problems with timing closure or instability with the RAM. if they fit less RAM they're ok (2GB) but the full 4GB RAM is not stable

are they likely to deliver? I think there's a good chance:


3. What's the financial situation?

If you followed the newsposts, you probably can imagine that these issues have added quite a lot to the development costs. And yes, these have cost more than I ever had planned.
However, we don't have any financial problems - because my shop is growing more and more popular and the profit has increased quite a lot - which is great!
I'm still keeping my wage as low as possible (I'm earning 690 EUR per month, in case you're interested) to make sure as much money as possible is available for the Pyra.

The production of the first 550 Pyras (first production run) has already been fully paid. This includes the full PCB production including all needed parts.
We already own 3000 batteries and 1500 LCDs as well as 10,000 nubs.

We still have more 100k EUR on our bank account (which is more than enough to start the production of the next 550 Pyras) and the shop is making a profit of about 8000 - 10,000 EUR per month.

So yes, unless there's a sudden mass cancellation (which I certainly don't hope!), the development and production is safe.

We won't give up as long as you don't give up on us! Promise!
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