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Full Version: Scratches on the display getting worse...
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Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with a scratched display?

Nothing tragic in my case but no matter how careful I am, the situation is slowly deteriorating. I was thinking of putting one of these thin plastic wrapping foils onto it and exchanging regularly but don't know how I could do that without leaving pockets of air underneath.

Does anyone else have this problem or am I the only careless Z owner? :oops:

Thanks for any response.

You're most likely not a careless Z owner, as it's not necessarilly your fault:

I've been using some cheap WriteRights until I get my hands on a good screen cover. You're right about the air bubbles and there is a bit of lost sensitivity in the screen, but it's better than permenantly messing up the Z screen, and if you take your time you can keep the bubbles at a minimum. I'd recommend picking something like that up for the time being. In the next couple of days will start selling some reusable screen protectors that use a very mild adhesive that are really nice (a friend of mine has one for his iPaq 2210 and it's great).

Anyway... I've sent the guy who runs the site the dimensions of the Z SL-5500/5600 screen, and he said it'd only be a day or two until he gets them ready to be sold.
I have the G2 screen protector from I wouldn't use my Zs without them. They are hard plastic, so you don't get the same air bubbles as the thin plastic ones, and they are crystal clear. I use them both on my 5500 and 760.


P.S. No, I don't work and am not affiliated with I just couldn't imagine damaging the beautiful Zaurus screens.
For what it's worth, I would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS EVER USE G2'S AGAIN.

If a piece of abbrasive material like sand or ceramic dust get's underneath that screan protector, you may as wel open up the case, remove the digitaizer and throw it in the trash. G2's are horrible and if you use one, you could destroy your screan. I destroyed the screan on my first pocket PC using G2's. I would never use them or any non adhesive screan protecter. applying without bubles is way easier than buffing out scratches.
Even though I do use a screen protector, I have been using a home made teflon stylus. I get the teflon from really cheap mechanical store brand pencils I buy at CVS (east coast (at least)) drug store. I have been using them for years on an old Jornada 680. The only scratch I have ever gotten is when I dropped it on the point and forgot to make sure it hadn't picked up and grit.

I ruined my z too trying out G2s...Currently I use Brando
There is one screen protector from Companion Link (amazon) that promises to remove scratches. I haven't used them, so I don't know if it is true, but saw this while researching for screen protectors
Correction: The above post...that's not a screen protector, but a screen cleaner which also removes scratches.
I have tried the G2 and find that it *does* hinders the touchscreen. My heart almost stopped when the screen stopped responding (esp. when after suspend) thinking I had severed some kind of connections by inserting the G2 too deep. Now just using the bare screen carefully.
I have been using the same G2 for about a year and love it. I was very carful to clean the screen well before installing the protector. I was a photography major in college, so I am acustomed to cleaning and caring for $1,000 + lenses :roll:
I just bougth this screen protector - - its by far the best one i have tried, although pretty hard to get in place without getting you fingerprints on the backside on the screen - but i think i have come up with an excellent result now and its impossible to see it and it doesn't destroy anything - its just sticks on the screen. A good tip is too clean the screen with some of thoses disposable cleaning cloth tisues you can get for your glasses(mine are calle "Alles klar" - a german product, good and cheap).

Actually i have searched and searched and i think the ones there are at shirtpocket(mad by a company called MIYAVIX, are the only one special made for C7x0 and C8x0 series.

If you need a protector for the C7x0 or C8x0 this is the one.

Btw. im not affiliated with shirtpocket - but one can always hope for a bit of discount next time shopping there if there sales are up by 2000% laugh.gif

If our sales go up 2000%, you can forget the discount will send you a C860.

Just don't stop breathing in anticipation though biggrin.gif
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