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Full Version: can I get some help?
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I have a Sharp Zaurus SL5500 looks like ROM v2.38 and I was looking at how some people can change the back round to get a pick, As well as some of the icons to change. As well as I’m thinking of getting an Ethernet connector to get on the Internet with it at school. Is there a way to get AIM on this? And I should say I know nothing about Linux.

Thanks for any help...
You can only change the background on the Sharp 3.1x ROMs, tkcROMs and OpenZaurus ROMs. People have been changing their icons by hand with the Sharp ROMs, but the tkcROMs come with a nice set of icons.

This page lists compatible ethernet CF cards:

This page has a list of IM clients at the bottom, including what you can use for AIM:
OK i got the "Sharp 5500 v3.13" file how do I instal it and before that how do i back up stuff?
You can backup with the backup application on your Zaurus and synchronise all your calendar data etc.

The installation instructions should be in with the zip file.
Ok i got it but have no idea what to do
Stick the ospack file (which I assume is in the zip file) on a fat16 formatted CF card. Switch off, hold down c & D keys and press the hard reset button (in the battery compartment).

These instructions, plus step by step instructions for formatting the card are in the HowTos section on this site.

This document tells you exactly how to flash the ROM using the ospack:

This file contains the updated drivers you need for Windows:
(This file also contains documentation giving details about how to back things up and get your Zaurus attached to a Windows PC again)
if you download zstyle you can change the background and stuff.
wait... this thread is realy old. sorry:)
ya i did this so long ago...
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