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Full Version: Waking up Zaurus
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This is the command that I execute from the terminal

at -f "fileName" 11:30 4/13/2004

after I do this I see a file created in /var/spool/at. However, the alarm never goes off. When I set a reminder in the calendar the calendar reminder goes off. I'm using Zaurus 5500, not sure what ROM that has.

Thanx for the help
Do you have cron installed and running?

On the 5500 stock rom cron is not installed as default.
at uses cron.
cron can be installed as a seperate package :-

PS, I haven't tried this package myself, so I could not tel you what it does when the z is suspended.

You can take KO/Pi ( with alarm applet installed) and add there an event.
You can enable alarm for this event.
When the alarm goes off, the zaurus is waked up, if suspended.
As Alarm action you can define a soundalarm or a procedurealarm.
The procedurealarm starts any program, you can select via file selection dialog.

This works only on Qtopia basedRoms, because the Qtopia alarm daemon is used to wake up the zaurus.

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