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Full Version: HDMI on Linux?
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Did anyone succeed in setting up HDMI on Linux? I think that at a Kernel level things are already set up, or at least I can see from dmesg the following events:

[ 2524.064900] mtk_pcm_hdmi_open
[ 2524.065062] mtk_pcm_hdmi_close
[ 2524.065199] mtk_pcm_hdmi_open
[ 2524.065351] mtk_pcm_hdmi_close
[ 2867.350608] ===hdmi plug in===

I am using this build:

Linux localhost.localdomain 3.18.41+ #4 SMP PREEMPT Mon Mar 26 22:43:05 MSK 2018 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Xrandr does not recognize an external screen connected on HDMI

$ xrandr —listmonitors
Monitors: 1
0: +*hwcomposer 2160/571x1080/286+0+0 hwcomposer

Any ideas?
QUOTE(jamez @ May 29 2018, 06:35 AM) *
Did anyone succeed in setting up HDMI on Linux?
Any ideas?

Same problem here, I just got my Gemini last week so I came into the business bit later, but it is among my needed features. Unfortunately it seems to me that this is not the ideal place where to place the bugreports. But as far as I know we do not have anything better :-/ Or ... ?

I am getting ready for building own kernel with ethernet in the hub support etc, but with HDMI I do not have any experience (on my machines it worked out of the box).

For this we would need which "bad tricks" planet used for connecting the HDMI converter. We don't even know whether the converter simply gets the same signal as the internal display or they can be used independently, do we?
Adam Boardman
I've heard that the hdmitx driver is responsible for output control, and that they are separate outputs, this can apparently be demonstrated by using the android presentation software that supports slides on the HDMI and notes internally. hwcomposer* was written assuming only single output.

Note: This is all second hand information I've not looked into it myself yet, though its something I'm keen to see happen.

Edit[*]: By which I mean 'our' hwcomposer as written by NotKit -
I think adam is not entirely right. Android HWcomposer can report external output. It depends on if MediaTek's does it. I am waiting for hub to arrive so I can check if HWcomposer will report external output or not. Theoretically it should but Android specs allow to not report it if it is not connected. If output will be reported then x11 driver can be changed in a way it use it.
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