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Full Version: What is the best solution to offline web page browsing?
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Hi all,

As a new Zaurus user (c860), I would like to know what is the best solution to view/rip online materials and browse them on Zaurus. I am now using Plucker to convert stuff on PC and then open them by Just Reader on Zaurus. But I don't think Plucker fares as well as iSilo on palm/ppc in terms of dealing with links and reformatting, and it just takes a rather long time to open relatively large file in JustReader. A solution like iSilo will be a godsend to me and my zaurus. Thanks.
Try Opie-reader instead of JustReader, I've found it much faster for large files - especially plucker.

Thanks. But can I use Opie-reader on original Sharp ROM (just new to zaurus and not using the new roms)? Is it stable to run on this ROM? Thanks again.
Have you considered clicking File & save as from Explorer & copy file & directory over to the Zaurus, you can then open the page on the Zaurus by selecting the file.

Works well if you have a PC & you only require occasional access to pages, I always use it to keep details of places I plan to visit or Zaurus HowTos.

I use WWWOFFLE myself:

It can cache everything you look at on the Zaurus while you have an internet connection and let you browse it while disconnected. It can also be setup to fetch a batch of websites for offline browsing.

It works as a proxy server so it plays well with Opera and can be configured via its own web pages.
Thanks.  But can I use Opie-reader on original Sharp ROM (just new to zaurus and not using the new roms)?  Is it stable to run on this ROM?  Thanks again.

I've been using Opie-reader -get the latest from the authors home page or ZSI - on my C760 since I got it in August last year. I'm using the Original sharp rom too.

Thanks! Gonna try Opie Reader and JPluck (which claims to be able to convert web sites and RSS and Atom feeds to Plucker documents). I'm very enthusiatic about building up a library in my Zaurus as I did to my palm. biggrin.gif
...for viewing html-content offline with my zaurus.
every morning at 6am my SuSE-box is triggert by cron to fetch my pre-configured websites with sitescooper.
Sitescooper is a really great tool for fetching sites automaticly and format them into either doc, isilo (not preferred for Z), compact html or plain txt.
I let them format into a single, large html page which is very good viewable with konqueror or justreader(i should try it with opera also)
Its great! give it a try:
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