I've been using Gnome3 as my desktop for a couple of years now and I'm quite happy with it. Previously I'd always been a make-it-look-as-much-like-windows-xp as possible type and only decided to put some effort in to move from Mint to Ubuntu with Gnome when I got a laptop with a touch screen. Gnome was reckoned to be the most touch friendly option at the time.

I almost never use the touchscreen but I'll happily stick with Gnome at this point regardless.

I didn't hold out much hope but today I thought I'd try Gnome Shell to see if it was even barely usable on the Gemini hardware. This might save me some pain adapting to a new interface.

Predictably it was waayy toooo sloooow.

Worth a try though. Just thought I'd share.


PS, if you'd like to try yourself then go ahead:

sudo apt-get install gnome-core

You will find it automatically installs gdm3 and sets it as the default display manager. This does not work properly (lets you log in but presents a grey screen only after that) so go back to the previous LXDM display manager:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure lxdm

Then you can select Gnome in the session dropdown.