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Full Version: Flashing Gemini without losing data?
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If I would like to "triple flash" Gemini without losing my data, would it be possible? how? deselecting "data partition", or?
I've now a single (not rooted) Android partition (and an automatic Google backup), I would like to have rooted Android + Debian + Sailfish (with my data and settings)...

Adam Boardman
Assuming your going from the Dual boot (Android+DebianTP1+updates) to The Tri boot (A+D+S) and want to have them all available on different key combinations then your stuck for using the flash tool as the addition(boot3)+renaming(linux_boot->boot2) of partitions to enable this will require a 'firmware upgrade' which will re-partition and clear out any existing data.

I suspect that the effort of trying to online resize and rename partitions etc is not worth it when compared to the effort to backup and restore. Also as no one has tried it I've no certainty that it would work.

Remember that most of the fiddle getting debian to work is now done for you, so its just your home directory you need to backup.

Going forwards from there so long as you keep the same scatter file and assuming that we don't find another reason for re-partitioning, future upgrades using 'download only' and only ticking the system+boot[N] partitions should let you do a no loss of data upgrade of the Android side.
As Adam says, I don't think that's possible.  You can preserve your apps/files/data by not flashing the userdata partition; but that's only possible if it keeps the same size (and, I guess, location).  However, installing triple-boot would probably need to shrink that partition to make room for (at least) two new ones.

An alternative might be to back up all the necessary files somewhere else, flash, and then restore them.  You may need root access to copy some of them, though.  And I don't have a definitive answer to which files.  I looked into this yesterday when I tried to back up my Gemini before flashing; but I was updating an existing OS and preserving the userdata partition, so I haven't yet tried to restore anything.  From looking around the filesystem, I'd guess you should back up /data and /storage, except for /data/media/0 (which is another hardlink to /storage/emulated/0) and, if you have an external SD card, its folder in /storage.  There are several cache folders which can probably be omitted, too.  Also back up /system/etc/hosts if you've changed it, and /magisk if you've installed that.  (Anyone have a definitive answer on what to back up?)
thank you both, Adam and Andy!
I'll try your advice.
I've tried to flash Gemini, apparently it went well (after 6-7 minutes I got the big green OK), but I figured that non all files were flashed!
Gemini booted into Android, it is configuring apps from backup, however it is apparently stuck on "29 apps on 58" after 53 minutes... All the rest seems to be ok (also Word, that first didn't work, now run), but I think the system is not rooted (so says Root checker)...

Could I restart also if backup hasn't finished configuration? Otherwise I cannot try *if* Linux was installed...


EDIT: no, no: Linux Debian is there! smile.gif
I restarted and I'm inside Linux... I'm enjoying it with a Microsoft mouse (wireless)
However, there is no Italian language?

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