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Full Version: Connman not saving passphrases
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Hello all,

Possibly clueless newbie question spoiler alert...

I have flashed my wifi-only Gemini to dual-boot and am generally loving it. One niggle is that Conmann doesn't remember my network and passphrase/password after I reboot, meaning I need to enable network access, find my network and type in my passphrase whenever I switch from Android to Debian.

How can I make Connman remember my network and passphrase and, ideally, reconnect whenever I reboot?

Thanks for your patience with a new user.
Well, strangely enough I had the same problem while I had my Gemini flashed without a proper NVRAM (as described in;#entry288378). When I reflashed with my backed up NVRAM passwords got saved correctly again.

Most likely that is not your issue, though. But I thought it worth mentioning anyway...
Mine keeps my WiFi password, etc. and other setups, EXCEPT every time I switch to Debian it doesn't retain the time zone..
Did anybody figure out how to solve it? Where is the data supposed to be stored? It happens to me both with Connman and with Synergy. Did anybody found a workaround? Having to activate Wifi, choose Wifi spot and Passphrase makes the system little usable.
Adam Boardman
I only ever had issues with connman storing passwords with the very first DebianTP1 and after an apt upgrade etc it has since worked fine. Whilst it was refusing to remember anything it was also getting a new IP address from my router via DHCP which indicates that its reading/setting of the MAC address was also confused.
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