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Full Version: System load
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I have just installed Debian Linux on my Gemini.

I have a QTerminal running, and I'm running top in it. I did not start any other processes.

top Shows a load average between 9 and 10. The top consumer of CPU is Xorg, using 5-7%.

Why is the load average so high? Is this typical?
Same here, load goes as "low" as 9 both on Debian and Android.
Kernel sees whatever the mediatek driver does to turn off cores as them being under full load, so subtract roughly 10 to get the true value
Top is updating your screen. top, term and X are all consuming CPU cycles -- with unfinished graphical drivers.

When you reduce the top update frequency (type 's', then a number larger than 3 and ENTER), you can see the percentage go down.

Then there is hps_main kernel thread, which I assume to be busy for real (maybe due to logging? I guess this one is generating all those log entries, keeping several more processes busy at that).
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