I'm messing around with GNURoot debian to try and satisfy my (small) Linux requirements from my Gemini rather than dual booting. I am struggling with a couple of issues making life difficult at the moment.

1. The keyboard is fine with the exception of the forward slash / This comes a ? as does the ? key. Trying to work in Linux without / is like trying to juggle with both hands tied behind your back!

2. I don't seem to be able to set the execute permission for scripts. chmod +x is accepted without error but the permission remains unset. Is this an issue with overall permissions within the Android file system?

3. I can't resize XTerm or UXTerm font size. To get a size I can see anything at all in XTerm makes everything else gigantic and unusable. LXTerminal does't want to run. Is there another terminal someone can recommend that is usable in GNURoot debian?

4. And a minor one, the clock is set to UTC and any attempts to open time and date settings calls a permission error.

Any help greatly appreciated because using a mouse in this environment seems extremely usable as a make do replacement for my laptop while out and about while retaining all the phone and Android functionality for my communication needs that dual booting would hinder.