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Full Version: Stuck repeating the time [solved] - and spotty world map
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Hi, relatively inexperienced user here, some knowledge of Linux but not a lot.

[Update: found a partial solution]
Returning to a Debian session, the display shows a world map with yellow dots. No keys do anything, except the silver side key has set a voice repeating the time endlessly. Sometimes shuts up if I close the case, sometimes doesn't. Esc in any combination with Fn or side button does nothing.

I originally flashed it with:
1. Debian
2. Sailfish
3. Standard Android
The problem occurred with Debian then, but stopped after a minute or so of random key mashing.

The slowness of the UI led me to re-prioritise, so I when I inserted the external camera add-on I also reflashed again as:
1. Standard Android
2. Sailfish
3. Debian

When I booted Android it brought up a command prompt with a "hit enter" option, so I did and it booted into Debian. Silly me, I guess it may have been grub or whatever asking me which OS I wanted.
Anyway, here I was with an annoying speaking clock.

Eventually, a combination of Esc, spacebar and side button did the trick and rebooted.

Would still like to know what the spotty world map is all about though?
Adam Boardman
The spotty map is the gemian-lock screen (based upon i3lock + sleep enabling modifications + silver button for the time), you have to type your password to get back in.

The spots are logarithmiclly sized based upon backer numbers and locations as per the first bunch of backers (backer numbers upto 7000 or so). Though you can change the image to a simple colour or another image using the upstream i3lock parameters (you would edit .config/autostart/gemian-lock.desktop to add the parameters).
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