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Full Version: smartcard reader on Zaurus
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I'm trying to hook up a usb or serial smartcard reader to my Z. has anyone done this? I'm looking at the serialIo ZThinCables to connect to the reader. Has anyone accessed USB peripherals this way on the Z???
You would DEFINATELY need to use serial as the Z is not USB host capable. Beyond that, I have no advice As i've never heard of anyone trying htis. Actualy, other than a few cell phones and a realy stupid mouse pad i've never seen anything thaat actualy "used" smart cards. Even the credit cards with the sim chips are a waste for 99.9% of people because no credit card machines or ATM's actualy use them, they're just decoration for all intents and purposes, unless you have a smart card reader hooked to your pc and short at one of 3 or 4 online retailers that will let you use a smart card reader to enter info.

Anyway, what are you ding with smart cards, I'm rather curious.
Did you mean SmartMedia cards? If that's the case, you're barking up the wrong tree all together. THey actualy make a series of adapters for the CF slot that will accept other types of memory cards, and if you meant smartMedia card, then I believe there is such a thing. Sadly, the only one I can recal seeing connected with a dummy CF and had a great big multi card reader that stuck out of the top, still a more elegant solution. Search for it, it's out there.
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