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Full Version: Pretec CompactGPRS
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OK, so I check the compatibility charts at the manufacturers website, and they say the Pretec CompactGPRS CF card will work with my Z5600, so I order it, and am duly impressed when it arrives the next day (3 days ahead of schedule).
I've got a SIM installed that allows voice and GPRS when installed in my phone, a fully charged battery, good coverage... No network capability.
Has anyone gotten one of these to work? If so, I'd really appreciate any help!
(Zaurus 5600 running original Sharp ROM 1.21)
Did you try this: ?
Thank you! Still not working just yet, but it's definitely a start!
Newest update...
The Pretec card appears to only support CSD (Circuit Switched Data) protocol GPRS sessions. My local carrier only supports the newer WAP (whatever that is... Wireless Application Packets maybe?) protocol.
So, unless one of you helpful souls knows otherwise, and is willing to share, there's no way for me to get the Pretec card to work. *sigh*
Hopefully the company I bought it from will understand, and still accept the return. Now where did I put that receipt...?
I think WAP is like html and has nothing to do with GPRS. GPRS is a way to connect cellphone with base station with faster speed (gprs use 5 to 9 GSM channels at once).
WAP ,like HTML is a way to organize information on screen, but in smaller devices.
As far as I know there is no software for gprs under Z and everything you have to do from the console.
That card should act as standard modem so all AT commands should work.
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