Looking for a solution since the Planet HDMI proprietary cable doesn't work for HDMI input to my monitor , I found one in Google Chromecast.

I took it 1 step further, owning a Motorola Lapdock , and as such I'm feeding the Chromecast Ultra via the Lapdock's battery and hooked up to the HDMI Input of the Lapdock.

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With a full battery on both the Gemini and Lapdock , I've started an endless Youtube mix stream to the Lapdock and now we are 4-5 hours further and it's still streaming.

This is from Debian , casting the desktop via Chromium.

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Gemini is at 10% of it's battery now, Lapdock was capable of 4h30 of streaming and then it's battery was empty.

Just wanted to share this to the community.

I chose the Chromecast Ultra because I wanted Ethernet also and the price difference for upgrading the Chromecast V3 with the Ethernet enabling power brick was too small for me personally.

Now only to get the Lapdock keyboard and trackpad working.

Important note, when casting the Desktop, there is some lag to take into account.