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Is this in regards to the many harsh words regarding Sharp's decisions, or some specific incident? Just curious.
I don't see many substantive complaints here about Sharp's products--on the contrary, many of us have gone to exorbitant lengths to get our hands on them.

What is often--and justifiably--criticised is Sharp's miserable support of their excellent products, and in a larger sense, their attitude toward the individual consumer, which seems to be that we don't exist, or have no right to. It also doesn't help Sharp's image when--as has been reported here time and again--ten Sharp representatives have ten different answers to the same question.

Sharp seems, from the outside, to be a company of genius design engineers, buffoon middle management, and sociopath executives.
My little point of view riki_nakamura:

People coming from the PDA mass market are hoping so much to see someday a powerful and easy to use PDA that some of them have begun to disgrace Sharp. Not so much as they are still waiting for something from Sharp.

Why Sharp? Because the Zaurus SL-Cxxx and the SL-5x00 have the best hardware design (clamshell or PDA dreamed design with keyboard). You should remember how the press has react in front of their specs.
Why Linux? Because they begun to hate closed source software like PPC, Palm/Sony with their crappy OS. Those OS never completely fill their need. They are wanting to find the light at the end of this commercial dark tunnel. (pdaXrom + Sharp SL-C760 or SL-6000 are very close to fill mine).

And when someone say something like "sorry the Z is not designed for this", it increases the disgrace or make people like me angry about closed mind (not so far from closed source, doesn't it?). As I say in another post: there's a big communication problem between every members of this new market. Exemple: curstomer like you mentat_bashar and padishah_emperor versus curstomers like me versus Sharp strategy. Three different sides. Three different hope.

Now, let play with arsonists and firemans. Your post is a call for flame war. Where are the trolls to begun? What I wrote is also a call.
(hey! I should create a game! Would love to burn trolls (as long as it's not in real life)!)
topic closed. riki_nakamura - see my PM
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