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Full Version: Any OZ Release Planned?
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It's been a loooong time....
Nope. Not yet
See ...

A stable OZ release is still far away - we are just too few people working on too many things. We came up with that new build system, which was a HUUUUUUUUUGE but necessary task. It's in the shape to be released soon though (the buildsystem), so we can slowly resume working on OZ as a distribution. I expect the early 3.5.x releases to be of lower quality than 3.3.6-pre1 though - it will take time (and volunteers) to bring back things which were lost during the build system transition.
I hope you do resume it, I've just been looking at some screenshots, looks real nice but when I last tried with a 5500 it was unstable for day-to-day use. Would love that look and feel on my 860.
ok, I now have a machine capable of handling OZ/OE build... ie: not (slow cpu) freebsd, not 5+ year old redhat 7.2

so, I want to help openzaurus ... I want to download the build environment and help with tasks.

I go to -- ... I read the lastest newsletter (yeah! first one in months)

all links are about installing old[er] open zaurus images.


Future OpenZaurus releases will be built utilizing the OpenEmbedded build system - hence this is where the action is.
ok, well, the OOO letter seems to invite suggestions ... perhaps make a VISIBLE link from the navigation side of to a page on openzaurus that states this is where the action is... and gives those two links above..

something like "help develop" --> oz local page that says:

if you'd like to help work on opoenzaurus, the work is being done and hosted via the following urls:

you can find more information, including howtos, at those sites.

seems simple... seems like anyone who had a clue would put two and two together....
but why make them even do that -- why not just put a link there that's clearly visible
from the front page -- etc?

anyway, just a suggestion.

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