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Full Version: zaurus piggybacking through win98?
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I'll do my best to describe what I'm trying to do. I have a SL-5500 and I am running win98 on a somewhat crappy computer that is using DSL. I recently was given a Linksys wirless-G card and I was wondering if there is anyway to set it up so that my wireless card and zaurus communicate (ad-hoc?), thus creating a connection between the zaurus and 98. Then from there be able to use the internet through the ethernet card? It seems like I should be able to get it to work, but I haven't been able to figure it out up until now. Any ideas? pointers? programs that might help me out? Thanks a bunch!
- BinaryX
If you connect the zaurus via usb to the win98 machine you can try this...

Or boot 98 and install linux and use this...
thanks for the reply doc. Yes, I'm able to connect over USB already. I'm trying to connect through the wireless card though, then be "re-routed" to the internet. So in the same manner than I would be able to share/get internet access through USB, I would like to get it through the wireless card instead.
I would think it much easier to buy a wireless router and not have to worry about the 98 box...
or I'll sell you my old 486 and you can load linux on it and turn it into a router. ;>

Sorry I can't help you more.
binaryx - I know you can do this easily with win2k and above by using the "internet connection sharing" option on the network adaptor that's associated with the 802.11g card. I just don't know if win98 supports this.

I can see two options for you - a. do what doc said, get a wireless router, or b. upgrade to win2k or above and use the internet connection sharing like you want.
Yes, Windows 98SE supports Internet Connection sharing... but I would agree that it would be easier, simpler, and less of a headache in the long run, if you simply bought a router. Wireless routers were going for $70 12 months ago... I'm sure they're much cheaper now. smile.gif
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