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Full Version: KA/Pi on SL 760
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Ulf has a first version of KA/Pi put in KDEPimPi cvs and I have compiled it for my 760er.
It will take some time to make it really useable, but in general it is working.
( I have to make the dialogs fitting on 7x0 screen, Ulf designed the dialogs for his 5500)

Thank you very much Ulf, great work!

KA/Pi will be available for 5x00 and 7x0 models as well.

Here are some screenshots of KA/Pi


PS.: Who wonders what KA/Pi is:
It is the platform independend version of the KAddressbook.
Soon available for Zaurus 5x00/7x0 and Wintendo.
Gawd, too kool, I cannot wait!

"Wintendo" very funny.
Very eagerly awaiting kapi!! Is there a screenshot of the list view?
zautrix, you do DELIVER. Man, this is cool. Since you recompiled and fixed bugs in Ko/Pi, I have given up on all other calendering apps (tkc, Sharp etc) and just stuck to that. And what a happy camper I am.
Now with this addressbook, there goes the addressbook components (tkc) too to be replaced by Ka/Pi.

From the screenshots at least I can make out that this has far more varsatility and more details entry than the ones I use.
The one only little problem (and I am not pushing you here, since you have just started to work on it), any chance of it working with the damned Sharp email app to get contacts email addresses from in to the email address ? Thats the only reason I still keep the Sharp addressbook as well.

But anyways, its still will be too usefull even without that feature.

Kudos to you zautrix.
Very eagerly awaiting kapi!!  Is there a screenshot of the list view?

at least the KDE addressbook list view is very useful and pretty easy on the eye, so I will believe that this will be adapted well too for the C7xx screen size.
Hi nilch,

to make it clear:

Until now, I did not do anything on KA/Pi.
It was another guy, Ulf, who has been working on porting the KAdressbook.

We both together will now make KO/Pi and KA/Pi working together and using the same version of the MicroKde libs.

I do not believe, that we could make it, that the Sharp email app accesses KA/Pi directly - but it should not be a big problem to make KA/Pi writing the address data to the sharp addressbook.
I think, the best solution would be a sync possibility of KA/Pi with the Sharp addressbook. We will see ...

I think, the best solution would be a sync possibility of KA/Pi with the Sharp addressbook. We will see ...


I would love to get rid of my Sharp PIMS completely. wink.gif

I see the challenges in getting the AB data available for different e-mail clients, Sharp or Opie.
you really are becoming a DTM expert wink.gif

I really appreciate the work you and Ulf will be doing to get KAPI going.
zautrix, I undrstood that this was a project you just took on. And of course, silent or not - a lot of kudos to Ulf too.
And that was just a question I was about to pose - though I assumed you would do it - integrate Ko/PI and Ka/PI to work together.
Like showing up birthdays and annivs and meeting dates with contacts on the calendar.

But you answered that so thanks...
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