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Full Version: Cleaning screen
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How do you all clean the screen of your zaurus?
I dampen a soft cotton towel with some Windex, works great for me.
thats what I was thinking but I am terrified.. lol
Thats why I spray the towel lightly damp, not the Z!
My shirt is how I clean my screen.

I spray the Z screen ... so far so good!
I picked up a screen cleaning kit for a few dollars by Fellowes as Staples because it was in the clearance bin. It works great, and even includes a little buffer pad to get rid of any streaks.

Other than that, I've used dilluted Widnex on a polishing cloth. Those old fashioned cloth baby's diapers work great too. The chemical components of the Fellowes kit and Windex are very similar from what I can tell. Just my 2 cents.

I dampen a soft cotton towel with some Windex, works great for me.

I use a brillo pad....really makes it shine (that was a JOKE !! :roll: )

Seriously, I thought windex could ruin LCD flat panels by making them foggy...perhaps the Z has a hard cover over the screen?...but I would generally never recommend anything besides a superfine camera lens cloth and plain water (and only water if absolutely necessary.)

I agree with the idea of moisten the cloth only, never the Z may work fine 99.9999% of the time, but when you get water in the electronics just once...say bye bye to your $$.
You could use the cleaning cloth from a nice pair of sun glasses like I do. It works great with no lint left behind. By the way just use your breath to fog up the screen.
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