Dear all Mac users,

we are happy to announce that a new developer release (DR2) of the myPDA/mySTEP/myApps suite has become available.

It is currently still alpha stage (having bugs and being a little slow), but some parts have reached first useability level:

* the System Menu ("Golden Delicious")
* Clock&Battery are shown in status bar (clock setting is wrong)
* WLAN integration is prepared (but not yet hooked to the Linux system)
* myFinder allows to browse through the file system
* double tap launches applications (from Cocoa bundles)
* myViewer is capable to show some image files (PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG)
* myAddresses, myDates, myNotes give a first impression that Cocoa and OSX compatible applications can really be developed
* you can try out the handwriting capture engine (there is no working recognizer yet) - it uses the "inking anywhere" model supported by Cocoa widgets
* mySettings allows to open some Preference Panes (but they have not much functionality and robustness)

For further information and download link, please go to:

You might also Test Drive some of the myApps on your MacOS X machine. Especially the myDates and myNotes applications access your local iCal and Stickies.

And finally, we have installed a dedicated discussion forum at:

where you can also post questions, ideas, comments etc.

And together with the Zaurus-X-gcc developer tools we hope that you can start porting your MacOS X Cocoa applications (Freeware, Shareware: Games etc.) to the Zaurus.

We also want to thank all the Mac users in the Zaurus Community who give us encouragement and support to continue on this fascinating project and hope so for the future as well!

H. Nikolaus Schaller