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Full Version: New c860 translate from Jap
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Does anyone know what's new on sl c860?
That's all written in Jap!

Does It has USB port?
New Software?
Thank to everyone who translate the page:
I ran this page through a translator, the specs don't look any different from the C760. The translation is not perfect but it gives a full list of the C860 spec's.

There's a lot of garbage in the text about Japanese / English translation, I think the only important selling feature about the C860 would be the fact it can automatically switch between Japanese and English language without the need for full recompiles.

Instead of posting the link to the translated page I saved the page to my own website to save their bandwidth, you can find the the (poorly) translated page here:
I wrote my translation of the 1st page under the "Breaking news.." thread, but you should not confuse "translation" to "system translation". All it says is that it has English/Japanese and Japanese/English translation engine in it for translating documents, webpages, emails, etc. smile.gif Not the OS and there's no indication that this moved the C-series any closer to internationalization either. But you are correct that hardware specs remains identical except for USB connection as I mentioned in other post.

Thank you for interest and translation;
hope there will be also some hw upgrade!

From the description on

The follow-up model to the Zaurus SL-C760/C750 features the Intel PXA 255 with 400Mhz, 128MB Ram and a full color VGA screen with 640x480 pixels. The new model has more features than the sl-c760, like MP4 and MP3 player functionality, PHS mobile broadband connectivity and with an SD Card GPS functionality.

That sounds to me like the SD card slot is now an SD/IO slot????

- Scott
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