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Full Version: Pinball & solitaire
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Okay, I got bored and decided to post, but maybe someone will either write it or point me to where it exists...

First, I need a decent pinball game... Don't know why? Love to play it on my palm device, but can't find anything for the Z...

Next. Would someone PLEASE do a solitaire where you don't have to drag the cards across the screen! My all time favorite game and there's a couple of nice ones out there but I hate dragging the stylus across the screen...

Anyway... Thanks laugh.gif
i would like a pinball game also, have not seen any for zaurus. did not see any that looked like they could be easily ported either.
Well, it's not pinball, but there's a billiards game available if you look around for quite well on my C860....

A pinball game would be fun though....also, would like a good auto racing game too!


Speaking of wife scratched my screen playing it doing just what you said. I told her to use a finger works, but not as well. P.S. I actually know a guy who sat and played every single numbered game of sol.exe on his lunch breaks...he claims all but one are "winnable." A complaint of my wife about the Z game...I think the Z game is actually random and not precanned is way harder!!! Cheers,
Auto racing would rock! Kind of Pitstop or Pole Position from the old gaming days... biggrin.gif
If you grab the source to tkcTrump (kpat) you may be able to hack it to use pick and drop instead of drag.
That's the best solitaire game I've tried on the C760, although I wouldn't (and didn't) pay tkc's outrageous price of $50 for the source.

By the time I was capable of doing such programming, none of us would still be using Z's ;-)

And by TKC's program looks, I would think it would need some serious reconfiguration to run in the vertical 5600 mode, or TKC would have done it to make more money... If theirs ran in vertical and had click & move, I would buy it... And I'd get my money's worth out of it...

Now maybe I should persue Z development a bit more seriously? If I had the time and a high speed connection to download all the stuff needed...
Spider is click and drop :-

it's not solitaire but I think it's more challenging.

I don't know if it works on other devices but on the c760 it is full scren 640x480.

My fave game at the moment.

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