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Full Version: Text Entry Applet
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Hi all,

I'm not sure if this is possible, but what I was interested in was for a text buffer in the text entry applet. So, from the applet, there's already "Handwriting", "Keyboard", "Pickboard", and "Unicode", and what I was thinking was adding another called "Buffer" or something like that.

The idea is that sometimes when I'm reading eBooks with OpieReader I'd like to take notes. (The idea actually came up in that I'm trying to memorize a text and thought an easy way for me to do it would be to type it while reading it.) I thought it might be nice though to have a buffer for general use as well.

Are there any programs like this already? Also, would anyone recommend some source code I might look at for something like this?

Opiereader allows you to make annotations to ebooks -never tried it myself, also if you set the slect method to 2 tap then you can tap at the start then end of a piece of text and it's copied to the clipboard - don't know the size limit but I've copied paragraphs before

I don't think he wants copy/paste...but on that subject most editors even the console you can cut/copy/paste using Fn-X Fn-C or Fn-V on the keyboard.

I don't know if re-keying data actually helps with memorization...but try these techniques instead?
Are there any programs like this already?  Also, would anyone recommend some source code I might look at for something like this?

Is this what you are after: ?
Hi All,

Thanks for the replies! Copying/Pasting the text or other memorization techniques was what I was interested (though I appreciate the suggestions). The Applet tumnus mentioned is close to what I was looking for, except I'd rather have it popup from the bottom rather than overlay as a modal window.

One of the things about the annotations options inOpieReader and QPDF2 (both programs which I absolutely love) is that they require you to switch away from what you're currently reading, while having a small notes applet that could be on the screen at the same time would allow some back and forth thinking on the subject matter if reading and taking notes.
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