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Full Version: Noob - Need help understanding memory arrangement on C-XXX
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I recently received a C-760 and I'm running the Cacko Rom 1.21 w/hot fix. I know my C-760 has 128mb of flash memory and 64mb of ram. Here are my questions:

1) The Storage tab in the System Info app shows both Internal Flash and Temp Storage. I assume Internal Flash is the remaining left of the 128mb after flashing a rom and Temp Storage is my remaining ram, correct?

2) The Package Installer gives me 3 locations to install an app, Internal Flash, CF or SD. If installed to Internal Flash does the app get installed to the 128mb flash area and can survive a hard reboot or is this the 64mb ram area?

3) If apps are installed to the 64mb ram area by the package installer, how can I install all of my favorite programs into the 128mb protected flash area?

Thanks in advance for your help.

BTW this thing is AWESOME !!!!! biggrin.gif

1) Internal Flash is the writeable portion of the 128Mb,on the standard C760 the 128Mb is broken into 3 parts (roughly 8Mb, 52Mb, 68Mb) where the 52MB is the read-only root filesystem, the 68Mb is the writable Internal Flash (including parts of Qtopia not on read-only filesystem) and the 8Mb is kernel and flashing system stuff - I've never been able to mount it to see for sure. The TEMP storage is the 1Mb RAM disk mounted on /dev/shm used as temp - it's using 1Mb of RAM only.

2) All packeages installed to the Internal Flash are installed to the writeable partition of the flash and will survive a hard reboot.

3) The RAM is used as per a laptop/desktop - no packages are installed here

As you are Cacko you may have reformated you read-only space and therefore have more room on the writeable (this will be shown in the sysinfo tab - it has total, used and free)

Thanks Stu for the very thorough answer, that's what I was looking for. In the absence of detailed documentation, this site and community is invaluable.

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