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Full Version: Possbile to start everything as root
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Hi everyone,

After a hiatus to the dark side, I've started toying around with the Z again. I'd like to get a newer ROM image installed, preferably the cacko ROM (or anything else that runs off the SD card), but I'd like to run everything as root, like the tkcROM does. From what I've read, the tkcROM doesn't seem to be in an active developmental stage right now. Is there a way to start up the Z using the cacko ROM using root as the only user. Since I'm the only one using the device and could care less if I happen to erase an entire filesystem, I'd like to have full root access without having to do the "run as root" check box thingy. Just curious if this is possible with a minimal amount of effort. If this has been addressed previously, please point me to those posts.


edit: I'm using an SL5500.
Haven't tried it, but it looks like if you modify two lines in /home/QtPalmtop/, it will start Qtopia as root (this is on a Sharp 3.x ROM 5500, YMMV):
export HOME=/home/root
export QPEUSER=root

You may find that you need to replace the symbolically linked /home/QtPalmtop/bin/runqpe with a copy of runqpe from ROM and chmod it to set the setuid flag.
Cool, I'll try that tonight.

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