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Full Version: Moving files, I don't know if it's just me but...!?
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I have a 5600, and a 256MB CF, I have a sound file recorded on the main internal memory, I want to move it from the main to the CF. Other files which were smaller I just cut and paste them into the CF. This file I'm trying to move is like 20Megs, and I don't have enough to cut and paste. I'm new to my Zaurus like a month now I think (it's late), did I miss something obvious? any help would be appreciated

Thanks TJ

5600 (PXA 250) w/Zaurus ROM 1.32 w/special Kernel 1.3
PNY CF 256
you can install the advanced file manager or terminal and use either one of those to copy the file over

in terminal you would just type: (cp [original file] [destination])
cp /home/zaurus/Documents/wherever_your_file_is /mnt/cf/Where_you_want_to_put_it
If you don't want to bother about deleting the original after copying use move instead (mv) same paramaters as the cp command

mv <orignal> <destination

You can also use mv to rename files in linux

I will try those, thank you both. What is the name of the advanced file manager? Stubear, is your icon from AN PAN MAN? I just came back from Osaka, it's a nice place.

Thanks again TJ
im trying the terminal, the first, (cp [original file] [destination]), do I have to do both of these?
and what I get in the terminal is:

BusyBox v0.60.6
Usage: cp [OPTION]...Source DEST

and then some options

Im all confused, not sure how to use terminal yet

cp /home/zaurus/Documents/wherever_your_file_is /mnt/cf/Where_you_want_to_put_it, when do I use this, and I want to move files from the zaurus to the compact flash, it looks like this command would just be accessing the Compact flash? you said wherever my file is, if it's in my audio folder, I just put that? Im sorry just want to learn how to do this, thanks


cp [original file] [destination] is the standard linux way of showing what arguments a command takes. In this case the command cp (short for copy) take 2 argument/options - replace [original file] with the name (or whole path) of the file you want to copy and replace [destination] with where you want it to go

i.e. I want to copy file somestuff.txt in my /home/zaurus directory to my SD card (/mnt/card/) I would use
cp /home/zaurus/somestuff.txt /mnt/card/

if I wanted to copy it and give it a new name at the same time (say somestuff2.txt) I'd use
cp /home/zaurus/somestuff.txt /mnt/card/somestuff2.txt

If I wanted to move the file (rather than just copy) I'd use mv
mv /home/zaurus/somestuff.txt /mnt/card/

It seems you are new to linux, so you would probably benefit form the following links

The second one is a larger more in depth intro to linux - useful if you are considering setting up linux on your desktop, the first one will cover all the basics for you and get you comfortable with the terminal

Also my avatar (icon) is Baikin-man from AnPan-Man show -he's the bad guy wink.gif, I've been living in Osaka for 10 years now

I appreciate the explanation as it helps me to learn how to work in the terminal. I was just in Osaka by the way it was very nice, first time out of the US for my niece a an pan man doll smile.gif

thanks again TJ
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