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Full Version: please help me!!
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Can anyone get this to work?
I have the two files you're supposed to install on my cf card ..but when I boot to the linux console terminal (option a when you reboot) and go to /mnt/cf/ ..and do ls, it doesn't display any files, though I know they are there and can be read from elsewhere. Also, when I try to do anything with it, it says its read only? ..why is that?!
I'm new to linux, so don't get too linux-technical on me..
I really need to install this..
Also, how do you create/edit a document/script through the command line here?
I have a 5500 if you need to know this..
Someone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For a "ls" to work, you need to mount the cf card. A "mount /dev/cf /mnt/cf" should do the trick (/mnt/cf can be any directory on your z).

The read-only problem is caused by permissions. Use "ls -l" to view permissions, and "chmod" to change them. Most of the system files are read-only to protect a user from damaging the system. If you issue a "su" (switch user), and type your root password, you should be able to edit any of the files. Search for "vi" to create/edit documents/scripts.
I tried "mount /dev/cf /mnt/cf" ..but I get "mount: Mounting /dev/cd/ on /user/mnt.rom/cf failed: Invalid Argument" In vi do you save a document, and how do you exit ..also, when you run into a problem like in a loop, in Unix you can do Ctrl+C ..and you will break and be able to type commands at the terminal again do you do this on the Zaurus Linux console?
..also, does anyone know the directory in which Zaurus stores your documents in qtopia? can see the files when in qtopia ..but how do you find them when using the terminal.
Also, can bash be installed on here??
type bash at the shell prompt.

you should probably make sure that you first type su to get into super user mode (root). You will come up in the default sh shell. Type bash to get into bash and you
should see:

bash 2.05#

as your prompt.

Type the mount command after becoming root. For vi - you will need to use the virtual keyboard to hit the "esc" key to get out of insert mode if you are in it. To exit vi, type the following:


Note the colon is necessary. If you want to save the file, insert a w before the q such as:

and hit enter (return)

Does anyone know why my zaurus won't turn on unless I flip the switch for the battery back and forth once??
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