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Full Version: dumb ftp question
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I have a 98SE machine that being stubborn about USB syncing with my new SL-5500. As an alternative, I've got the Z hooked into the office lan and already have VNC working. My understanding is that the Z has a ftp server running by default that uses port 4242. But my Windoze desktop isn't connecting (either connection refused or host entry refused).

Maybe I'm missing something obvious here, but could someone please pass along the exact settings to connect a generic desktop to a Z? I'm mainly concerned with the ftp, but would also like to get telnet going (somewhat optional with VNC, but still handy).

what rom are you using? they disabled ftp in the newer 3.10 roms and switch the communications to samba

you could also install the ssh packages from the ZSI, then you can ssh and/or scp when needed

Yes, the first thing I did was install the 3.1 rom - which apparently explains my problem ftp-ing. I'll check into the packages you suggested. I'm mainly after a way to easily transfer files, homework, etc to and from various PC's at work, school, wherever.

In that case I would invest in a CF or SD card and either a pcmcia or usb card reader. I use a pcmcia CF reader with my CF card in my work laptop, it's nice and quick to just keep my work files always updated. I remember seeing a post on the devnet forums about a small usb card reader, not much larger than the card itself, that might be good if you need to access/transfer files from several different computers. Also, that way you wouldn't have to keep cable/cradle with you and make sure the software is installed on all the pcs.

good luck
Thanks! I picked a CF card reader and that looks like it should do the trick. One of the big reasons I switched from the Palm OS was to be able to actually transfer a working .doc or html file back and forth from handheld to PC.
You have samba running, you have your Z on the LAN try this in the Windows Start Menu Run command:

Has anyone ever used the IRDA to sync/upload files to a window laptop? I can beam files FROM the laptop to the Z, but not the other way around. I am running 98SE. I have not been successful in finding a How-To for this, either.

God bless

I am being listed as a guest, but I am registered under revdjenk.
ah, entered an incorrect password!

Has anyone ever used the IRDA to sync/upload files to a window laptop? I can beam files FROM the laptop to the Z, but not the other way around.
I use IRDA to transfer files to/from notebook PC. I also send files to a IRDA enabled printer to print from the Zaurus. Hold the stylus on the filename and click "Send by Beam".
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