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Full Version: QT3 building ipks for zaurus Newbie questions
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I have 2 amd64 boxes runing suse 9.0 64 bit linux and would like to build some ipk's for my just bought sl c860. I tried to build qt2.something on the amd64 side and found 64 bit library issues so I installed qt3 from suse cd and can now build qt3 apps that run on the amd64. Can some one point me to directions of how to build an ipk of these same apps as ipk's for the zaurus?

You need a cross compiler for the sharp.
You have to download Qt3 embedded free from Trolltech.
You have to configure it with
./configure -depths 16 -embedded sharp -thread -qt-gfx-transformed -qt-imgfmt-jpeg -qt-imgfmt-png -qt-imgfmt-mng -no-cups

and compile it.

You have to remove in qtemb/mkspecs/qws/linux-sharp-g++/qmake.conf
the -fno-rtti option.

You have to make shure, Qt uses actually qtemb/mkspecs/qws/linux-sharp-g++/qmake.conf for compiling .
(I had to create a link from qtemb/mkspecs/default to that file after compile.)

You can skip compiling the Qt lib and download a compiled version from

When a Qt3 is in the background, you cannot get them back to see it.
Such that the app is pretty useless.
For that purpose you can write a small Qt2 program, which starts the Qt3 and make it visible again.
Example apps using this small program you can find here:
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