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Full Version: SL-5600 clock loses time -- anyone seen this?
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I have a newly purchased (from the Amazon clearance) SL-5600 whose system clock seems really off - when I wake it from sleep after a few hours it is significantly off. I don't mean a little, I mean 3 or 4 minutes per hour. Has anyone seen this? Can I adjust this from the Unix command line?
Yeah, mine does it too. I just have to live with it.
I haven't seen my 5600 lose time like that. In fact it's more accurate than both my PC and laptop.

People have seen it lose time on reboots before, but I think what often happens is when the Date and Time app pops up after a reboot they click OK, which sets the time as displayed or at least resets the seconds to zero. I've done this a few times and since the Date and Time app does not update itself with the latest time it can appear like it is losing time.
Mine loses time. Very frustrating. Is there an adjustment?
I recommend ntpdate as a permanent fix. smile.gif
I recommend ntpdate as a permanent fix.  :)

Fine for when connected. But what about in the field?
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