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Full Version: What browser do you read with most often?
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Just curious...
Firefox - I use it exclusively both on Windoze and Linux

Firefox too. smile.gif
Since I'm normally at work when reading ZUG I have to use IE, but when i'm at home Mozilla, and when I'm wandering round the countryside with my Z & my mobile, it's Opera 7.
I really should do some work and not spend hours reading ZUG.
Why is firefox not on the list? Is it being considered mozilla?
That's what I assumed.
I use firefox (actually i'm still using phoenix on one machine, due to laziness), which I wouldn't put in the same category as Mozilla since it's a standalone browser (that is, no mail client), and is the best browser out there.
Where's Safari on the list? With currently 24% as "other" the list must be missing a few major browsers.
Thanks for the Firefox tip - just d/l it and it seems nice. Not sure I'll switch from Avantbrowser (IE must-have plug-in with awesome toolbars) but will try for a while. Seems quick!
It was off the top of my head, I didn't think about Firefox and Safari (despite the fact I use Firefox every day -- I just think of it as "Mozilla" since it's under the same umbrella. Too bad you can't edit a poll after it's been posted.
mozilla, firefox, opera, netfront, konq, ie and soon gonna try minimo (it's in the pdaXrom feed!)

ps: I think I might have used netscrape once or twice... probably not.
ok, tried minimo.... blah... I'll go with full firefox... minimo may be small, but
it's just as slow as firefox -- so I'll take the other bloat if there's no hope
of a speed up. I hope dillo gets better!
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