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Full Version: Special Kernel V1.4 for 5600?
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Can anyone post a compiled one here?
What's different about this Special kernel?
v14a released also..
add new support:
- security patch (ptrace, do_break, rtc, mremap, mremap-2nd).
- external keyboard device? etc..

im look at conf file..
# CONFIG_AIRO_CS is not set
is it enable wireless extension already?
im look at conf file..
# CONFIG_AIRO_CS is not set
is it enable wireless extension already?

Looks like it is.
i'm scared....... :shock:
i bricked my c760 by diag menu last time.
so.. who enough a z to try this..

desc said rename to zImage, not zImage.bin
but zug-download printed "making sure the kernel image filename is 'zImage.bin' (case is important)" ~conflict~
problem is i hv many update shell ver in my dir. hehe
This is for the 5600, not the C760. You need a kernel that has been specifically compiled for the model of Zaurus you have.
ooo pls shoot me.. hhee
i just searching this post about v1.4
and still not yet c a topic tongue.gif
Know that I'm a little behind in replying to this thread, but...

It's in Japanese, but the main links to the zImages are in English, and for your information, the B500 is the Japanese equivalent of the 5600 in English. I've been using this for well over a week, with no problems. An interesting thing is that this does not have the Sharp splash screen on bootup, but it instead uses a more traditional Linux console screen (where you see all the boot messages). The kernel works perfectly with Zynergy 1.1, with very little in the way of instability (I've had it lock up 3 times in just over a week, but haven't had it lock up in the last 5 days). So it's pretty good.

Have fun.
Going to that site, they say that you need consolescroll (and no mention of initrd.bin). What's consolescroll, and why does it need to be there during flash?
consolescroll can disable sharp logo screen when start up then let u c
more bootup message just like as normal linux. actually u can run it at
console directly.
does this kernel has the wireless extension and monitor mode enable?

No, that answer from author.
Anyone notice that using Special Kernel 14b on a 5600 that the charging light
never seems to shut off when the charger is plugged in, even if the battery is fully charged?
I've been using the 1.4b kernel... and I like it ::: it is more responsive and a little faster then the 1.3 kernel. After I first flashed it, I had the Z lock up a few times ... a soft reset fixed everything with no problems. I haven't had it lock up in over a week.

I haven't had the problem of the light charging on the cradle... i had it charging last night, and this morning the light was off and I have a full battery. I'm using revision B 1.4 kernel, and Zynergy 5600 ...

This new kernel also has support for three buttons to turn on the unit... no more accidently having your Z on in your pocket. when you first install it, your screen is reversed an dupside down :-p top right = bottom left .... this is becasue of the japanese writing system, recalibrate the screen, and everything will be fine.

I have had a few problems with the screen being buggy after it has been in suspend for a long time with many instances running nin the background. The front light goes in and out, and once it became disporportional... like wierd lines and things.. Never had it happen again, and I haven't been able to duplicate it.

I'm much happier with this kernel then the 1.3 ... the real linux boot up is GREAT :-D
I agree, it did seem to be more responsive than 13.
Especially screen writes.

I ran into the screen problem and recalibrated. I didn't realise it was upside down, though.

I had a problem with the keyboard applet not shifting to caps but the second time I loaded the 14b kernel the problem went away.

Under 13, apm reported:AC on-line, battery status high: 100%
Under 14, apm reported: AC on-line, battery charging
This is with a battery that 13 reports as fully charged.
l've backleveled to 13 because I'm not sure if the battery is being overcharged or not.
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