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Full Version: Qtopia desktop can't see my 6000
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Hi I am running qtopia desktop 1.7 on a gentoo system, with kernel 2.6.6 with the necessary modules enable (usbnet)
and I am having trouble connecting with my Z SL6000L.

I can see the zaurus on the USB with USBview, I can bring up usb network with:

ifconfig usb0 netmask up

route add -host usb0

after that I can ping the Zaurus IP but Qtopia desktop won'tfint it.

when I start it, it says:

Trying to connect with PDA

but the this message disappears and the sync commands on the menu are grayed out.

I checked all the setting on Qtopiadesktop (ip address, etc) and its all correct (apparently).

I cant do much from the zaurus side since the 6000 comes without a terminal application pre-installed. I need to connect to install that.

The zaurus wont accept any SSH, SFTP or FTP connection.

I am now thinking on getting the software to the zaurus via the cf card...

I don't want to have to go to a windoze machine just to be able to install stuf on my Zaurus...

please help!
Qtopia Desktop from Trolltech (version 1.7) will not work with any newer Sharp roms.

Now it makes more sense. But since you are with trolltech, do you know if they intend to address this problem or how far in the future is a fix to this problem?


TrollTech sees no reason to do what should've been Sharp's task. They (Sharp) broke Qtopia desktop by going for they proprietary PIM format, they (Sharp) have to fix it. Alas, it's just that they probably won't do it.
Hi. I have become very informed in this area. In fact it has become one of my goals to solve this problem. I created a project to solve this problem (

It is not TrollTech's problem. Qtopia and Qtopia Desktop that are released by TrollTech use the XML method of storing PIM data and synchronize using an FTP based method. Sharp used this method of synchronizing on the Zaurus SL-5500 ROMs below 3.10.

When, Sharp released the Zaurus SL-5600 ROM 1.0 and SL-5500 ROM 3.10 they switched to a new method of PIM data storage which they call DTM. They also to the TrollTech version of Qtopia and modified it for a different method of synchronization. They also took a copy of Qtopia Desktop from TrollTech and modified it to work with this new method of synchronization. This new method of synchronization is also used on the SL-6000. Sharp has refused to release the sync protocol specs to me and has not given me the modified code. Sharp it seems did not make their modifications platform independent as the orig Qtopia Desktop was, hence, there is no Linux version of the Sharp modified Qtopia Desktop.

Due to the adove I started the ZSREP (Zaurus Synchronization Reverse Engineering Project), a project in which I reverse engineer the sync protocol to provide a Linux method for synchronizing a Zaurus using the new ROMs. I currently know enough to obtain the data items that need to be synced from the zaurus and am very very very close to being able to flawlessly put data onto the zaurus. The reverse engineering portion of the project is so so close to being finished. Once, that portion is finished I will begin developing a stable application to sync with a chosen desktop PIM tool. We, still need people to test our code and give us results to further reverse engineer the protocol. To find out more about the project please go to

You can contact me at cyphactor at socal dot rr dot com (
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