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Full Version: cannot get usb0 in debian 2.6.3
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I went through all the documents related to connecting z with linux, but could not get the usb0 interface appear in debian 2.6.3 .

In the configuration file, I enabled 'Multi purpose USB Networking Framework(USB_USBNET)" as module and Sharp Zaurus(Stock ROMs). I've usb-core,usb-uhci as well.

What am i missing?
What do you get from dmesg when you plug in?
There are many problems with USB in 2.6; I lost usbnetworking from 2.6.3 until 2.6.6rc3. Can you get an updated kernel? Also make sure you have an updated hotplug since so much is changing so quickly with 2.6

Do the following with the default kernel installed (2.6.3-i-386)

Edit the /etc/hosts and add the line: zaurus

then from a shell:

modprobe uhci_hcd
modprobe ohci_hcd
modprobe ehci_hcd
ifconfig usb0 up

then ssh -l root and you are in wink.gif
After following azmar's suggestions in the previous post I'm able to ping my Z. How would I get this to all happen when I turned the Z on in the cradle, I know I could write a script with all the commands in it but I would like it to just happen.

This is all pretty new to me.

I use ifplugd, which you might need to install (apt-get install ifplugd should do it).
Somebody can probably tell you how to do it with the builtin hotplug system.

From a previous post

2) added usb0 to /etc/default/ifplugd
INTERFACES="eth0 usb0"

ifplugd is an optional package for debian that configures network interfaces automatically when they show up.

3) added the following to /etc/network/interfaces
iface usb0 inet dhcp

That should do it.
I am using Debian Sarge (testing). I think my kernel
I found ifplugd last night while reading man pages and install it also. The only difference in the way that you did it and the way I did, I used a static IP address.

# The network interface for the Zaurus
iface usb0 inet static

When I turn the Z on or place it in the cradle on, the usb0 will come up within a few seconds, but for what ever reason it is using IPv6 so the PC and Z will not communicate. If I bring it up with ifconfig then everything is fine. Havent' figured that one out yet.


Update; After several reboots it is now using ipv4 so the PC and the Zaurus are able to communicate. Not real sure how I fixed the ipv6 problem. Tried it on a new install of Ubuntu and at 1st had the same problem usb0 was ipv6, then while I was trying to resolve the problem it started showing up as ipv4 so I could comunicate. ???????
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