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Full Version: frequent hangs on Opie 3.2 ??
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I am running Opie 3.2 and am experiencing frequent hangs on suspend-resume cycles. They appear to be related to being in the cradle.

Is this known?

Is there a work around?

There are a number of FAQs on the site and I think this is a known problem with no workaround currently. With development on OZ and OPIE having slowed down due to lack of developers, there are still a lot of bugs that need fixing.
I seem to get hangs if I stick my Z in the cradle too soon after un-suspending (which is effectively what you're doing by un-suspending in the cradle). I've not had this problem since I started waiting for a little while (5 sec or so - the time it takes for the backlight to come on and the highlight to start moving on the screen) before placing my Z in the cradle.

there are still a lot of bugs that need fixing

Perhaps, but nothing which I would consider a show stopper. In fact I can't think of a single bug which affects me off the top of my head.

ipkg install usbd-common

Btw., it's OpenZaurus 3.2, not Opie 3.2.
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