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Full Version: PyGame ported to Z?
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Hello all
Just wanted to know if there's been any activity with porting the PyGame SDL modules over to the Z. Through the search mechanism, I see that there's been some effort by the Opie team to include pygame in opie, but unfortunately I could not find where it was or how to extract it for installation on QT.

I would love to try my hand at some cross platform software for the Z, and I feel that this would be a really good way of getting started.

It as been added to OpenEmbedded and will be in feeds when we are in release mode.
Thanks for the update Mickeyl... You wouldn't happen to know when you're going to be release mode do you (not pushing, just asking)?

Thanks again,
I'd like to estimate, but frankly... I have no idea.

Since most of my begging for help in 2003 didn't have any effect, it took kergoth and me half a year to migrate all of OZ buildroot to OpenEmbedded.

Could take us the same time to do the device integration and testing phase, which now started. Could also be just a few weeks if we get help from more people. Hrw joined and is doing good work for collie, but we still need many more hands -- especially for maintaining packages. We now have over 700 packages in OpenEmbedded and less than 4 maintainers.

I'm not sure how many packages one man or woman can handle, but once we release the first distribution built out of OpenEmbedded, I will definitly hand over the maintainer job for everything except a few packages which I feel committed to (Probably the 15 Python packages) to other people.
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