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Full Version: USB Host question
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I'm getting ready to buy a Z and, like many it seems, I am torn between the SL-6000 and the C-7/860. I definitely like the size and design of the clamshell more than the coventional PDA shape of the 6000. However, I require a decent USB host. I would like to hook up my Sprint cell for global wireless, a mini laptop joystick for MAME/SNES9x, external storage, and occassionally a mouse/keyboard or alternative input device. I do not feel that the drawback of only being able to use the USB devices OR the WiFi at any given time will be a major issue.

My question is this: are there any significant differences between the built-in host controller on the SL-6000 and the Ratoc controller? It seems like few people have done much with either. The posts I've read seem to indicate both host controllers place nices with just about any device that doesn't draw too much power. Also, have people been able to get a USB WiFi device working on the Ratoc?

Finally, as anyone been able to find a cheaper USB solution for the x60 than the Ratoc? Price is quickly becoming an issue in this decision (6000: 665 unit + 40 keyboard = 705. x60: 700 unit + 140 ratoc + 40 wifi = 880).

Thank you for your time.

So does anyone have an opinion on this? I posted it in the wrong forum didn't I? I'm an idiot, please don't hold it against me.
ok, again... I guess I'm not looking for opinions so much as factual information. Forgive my ineptitude with regards to the English language.

Some would think I was *bumping* if this weren't the second post from the top. Unless you think I'm an annoying noob that has no higher goal in life than to have my post at the top of the list.
If you realy need a USB host then you should go for a 6000. Ratoc host is expensive and external IR keyboard will definitely be better compared to the built-in one (both x60 and 6000).

And remember that the screen is even better than on C series.
Thanks maslovksky. I was beginning to think I was a mirage (poor ATHF reference).

It's true that the Ratoc adds a lot to the cost however I'm still leary of the 6000's. It claims to only support Sharp devices -- which we know isn't true but to what extent -- and I was wondering if the added cost of the Ratoc bought any added functionality. I'm getting the distict impression that very few, if any people have used both the SL-6000 USB host and the Ratoc in a comparative fashion.
The 6000 uses absolutely standard Linux USB drivers. It will work with anything Linux supports. I don't know why Sharp made that ridiculous claim about "Sharp approved devices". But, as we all know, Sharp USA has the heads up their asses.
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